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Our Clients

  • Generali View More Longstanding client using the Group LISSIA system in multiple territories to support their Employee Benefit operations.
  • AIG View More AIG Life UK is powered by the LISSIA Policy Administration System.
  • AdvanceCare View More A leading provider of underwriting and claims management services to the Portugese life industry.
  • AdvanceCare View More CNP CYPRIALIFE provide innovative life insurance, private investment and savings plans through excellence in customer service..
  • AdvanceCare View More A simple approach to Life Insurance Our aim is to make Life Insurance simple for everyone.
  • MetLife View More Liss supporting MetLife in their Czech Republic and Romanian Life operations.
  • Carpenter Turner View More Carpenter Turner providing a hosted LISS New Business solution for their Life Assurance clients in Southern Europe.
  •    Foyer View More Tailor made solutions for European cross-border wealth management.

elissia modules

A modular based solution for New Business, Workflow, Underwriting, Communications (Reports, email, SMS, HTTP, Webservices...), Management Information and Policy Administration.

Flexible, scalable Enterprise Java based architecture.

Allows seamless integration with existing solutions where needed.

Supporting a wide range of Operating Systems, Application Servers and Databases.

For more information, please visit the LISSIA and eLISSIA pages.


lissia function

LISSIA Expert has been designed as a general purpose Financial Services Management and Administration System and fully developed for the Life Assurance and Pensions business.

It is particularly suited to the needs of the international market, with sophisticated multi-currency and multi-lingual capabilities. It has been highly developed for unit linked products, but also supports traditional life and bancassurance business.

LISSIA has a general-purpose structure reflecting the basic building blocks of the Financial Service industry - Products, Clients, Contracts, Distribution Channels, Funding; these are linked by payment, claims and pricing processes as well of course as normal accounting, security and auditing functions.

As well as the information contained below about functionality within LISSIA, the following files are available for download:




Unit Linking

New Business

Policy Servicing


eLISSIA, with its intuitive browser based front-end, workflow management capability and powerful underwriting engine is designed to support modern, web based offerings, Straight Through Processing and Self Servicing.

The eLISSIA suite is a modular, extensible, web based on demand service and provides a complete end-to-end online solution.

In conjunction with the LISSIA Expert module at the back end, insurers can also rapidly launch new products, broaden distribution networks and manage the full policy life cycle in real time.

The eLISSIA modules are standalone applications, capable of seamlessly integrating with each other and your existing systems.

LISSIAflow - Workflow Management

uLISSIA - Expert Underwriting

eDocs - Document and Communications

LISSIA Dashboard - Management Information




LISS have partnered with a market leading e-signature solution to provide the 'final piece' to enable complete Straight Through Processing.

DocuSign helps businesses of all sizes deliver extraordinary ROI by making it easy, fast, and secure to collect information, signatures and payment in the cloud - anytime, anywhere, on any device.

  • Accelerate Speed-to-Results: Documents get completed and signed error free in minutes

  • Reduce Operating Costs: Reduce employee time spent preparing, sending, tracking, reconciling and handling documents. Eliminate paper, ink, printing, faxing and postage costs

  • Accurate and Secure Transactions: Highest Level of security assurance: ISO 27001 certified - only e-Signature service certified to this specification, SSAE16 examined and tested

By integrating our modules to this market leading solution LISS are able to provide a complete 'online' process for any transaction or online process requiring a signature.


Business Need

The financial services industry is changing rapidly:

  • blurring the dividing lines between traditional businesses
  • consolidating the existing players
  • adding new competitors to the marketplace
  • increasing the breadth and global capacity of existing companies
  • exploiting the opportunities provided by the internet

A modern system must be capable of supporting this wider range of financial services, by enabling rapid diversification into new business areas.

A modern system must be designed to:

  • meet the demands of a rapidly changing business environment
  • put as many of these changes as possible under the control of the users
  • ensure financial integrity and enable the management of these new opportunities
  • be global - both multi-currency and multi-lingual capability are essential
  • run 24 hours a day/7 days a week
  • support future growth in business volumes
  • be open to the use of new technology
  • work with existing and developing function (workflow, e-commerce etc)

LISSIA and eLISSIA have been designed to meet all of these requirements.

More detail on the LISSIA design features is available in the LISSIA Design.pdf [0.7 MB]

More detail on the eLISSIA design features is available in the eLISSIA Design.pdf [1.6 MB]


eLISSIA has been designed and developed using a J2EE (Enterprise Java) framework.


LISSIA Expert was developed using the CA Gen Development Toolset. The system is built and deployed to Enterprise Java.

Supported Operating Systems

We can support most common Operating Systems including:-

  • Windows
  • LINUX Based
  • UNIX Based

Due to the flexibility of the Enterprise Java framework we should also be able to tailor support for other, less commonly used Operating Systems.

Supported Database Platforms

All the mainstream Relational databases are supported:-

  • Oracle
  • DB2
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

In essence we should be able to support any database that allows a JDBC connection.

Supported Application Servers

  • Oracle Weblogic
  • IBM Websphere
  • Redhat JBoss

Due to the flexibility of the Enterprise Java framework, we should also be able to tailor support to most other J2EE compatible Application Servers.

LISSIA Connectivity

Our specialist expertise is in developing software to support the administration and management of financial services companies. However, as we are often reminded, these functions do not exist in isolation. Most businesses nowadays are looking to strengthen the services they offer with a range of other functions:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Expert Underwriting
  • Asset Management
  • Workflow
  • Call Centre
  • E-Commerce
  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Anti-Terrorist Compliance

We understand that need - and LISSIA together with eLISSIA has been designed as a hub around which other function can be readily integrated. To be able to offer 'best of breed' function we are developing links between LISSIA, eLISSIA and other systems which demonstrate expertise in these areas.

One example of how this has been managed is documentation for the LISSIA system. Users are not restricted to system specific documentation, but instead can use our own eDocs module or any industry standard reporting tool such as Crystal Reports.

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